Copyediting & Web Development

In addition to the focal work that I do as a technical writer, clients can also enlist my communication and design skills for copyediting and web development services.

I can be contracted to review and edit website copy, business documents, marketing literature, application essays, personal correspondences, and virtually any other type of written content.

Projects of all sizes are considered and clients can direct editorial efforts to focus on basic grammar, overall compositional integrity, search engine optimization (SEO), formatting, as well as usability and design.
Copy Editing

I have a lot of experience working on materials originally composed by individuals whose native tongue is not English. Therefore, potential clients who communicate in English as a foreign language can feel confident that I will be able to provide them with the editorial services that they need.

Featured Copyediting Projects

Atlantis University      [Miami, Florida / 2010]

  • I carried out a comprehensive review and reworking of all written content appearing on the client's website. In addition to editing the material for clarity, I also crafted meta-descriptions for each page on the site and then strategically added keywords to all of the copy for SEO purposes.

Remote Works      [Miami, Florida / 2009]

  • Remote Works, an IT services company, contracted me to review and edit all of the written content appearing on their website.

Specializing in simple, user-friendly designs, I hand code tableless websites and offer an assortment of web-development services to small and medium-sized clients.

Whether you are looking for a professional to handle all dimensions of your website project (domain registration, site design, site development, hosting, add-on implementation, etc.), or you simply need someone to responsibly carry out periodic updates or enhancements, I may be in a position to help.

And for those clients who want to have an active hand in the life of their websites, I can provide an intuitive content management system (CMS) that allows individuals and businesses to easily take control of their own updates and maintenance routines.

Finally, given my extensive background as a writer, I can also be called upon to compose, edit, or work on the SEO compliance of your website copy.

Featured Web Development Projects

Simeone Associates      [Albany, New York / 2012]

  • Simeone Associates is a public-policy consulting firm headquartered in Albany, NY. I turned to MODx Revolution (an open source CMS) in order to respond to the specific design specifications of this client. A Flash banner appears on the Home page and a JavaScript plugin is utilized to present tabbed content throughout much of the site.

To view the Simeone Associates website, click Here.

Doug Ebersman, CPA      [Albany, New York / 2009]

  • Mr. Ebersman turned to Haberwrite for a simple website that would present the details of his accounting business in a static, one-page design. I constructed the site and then helped the client develop and refine all of its written content.

To view Doug Ebersman's website, click Here.